Yuka Honda - Japanese Musher


Congratulations for the "Naomi Uemura Adventure Award for 2015" in Japan  (click Japanese page to Read in Japanese) as of 2/29/2016

YQ 2012

YQ 2016

My name is Yuka Honda.  I ran in and completed the 2012 Yukon Quest. It was my 4th try in 10 years. I used to reside in Alaska during the mushing season.  Now I live in Whitehorse, Canada.  I own property in the woods, built my own little cabin (and out house), and have my own kennel with about 26 dogs. This year, I am mushing in the 2015 Iditarod, called the “The Last Great Race.” I am really determined to finish the race. I really want to finish the goal. I will. So please cheer me up when you see my team and me on the way to Iditarod trail.

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